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An affiliated firm of The Stevens & Lee Companies, Reliance Search and Settlement is a full-service title agency providing title searches and title insurance for commercial and residential real estate transactions. Our industry-leading law and title professionals work to ensure smooth, thorough and seamless solutions for clients.

Who We Serve

We provide services to commercial and residential buyers and sellers, as well as owners looking to refinance. Reliance works with a wide range of clients, including large and small businesses, developers, individuals and government agencies, among others. We maintain many strong relationships with lenders because of our reputation for providing outstanding and reliable service to their clients.

Commercial Real Estate Title Services

For commercial properties including industrial facilities, warehouses, commercial farms, apartment buildings, developments and office buildings, our team performs title searches, advises on the need for title insurance, and handles endorsements and transaction paperwork to ensure a successful closing. Whether you are buying, selling or financing commercial real estate, our professionals understand the complexities of these transactions, can anticipate your needs and help guide you through any unexpected issues that may arise.

Our process is attorney-guided and complete, eliminating the need to work with multiple providers. Our comprehensive commercial real estate transaction services ensure:

  • Full compliance and fulfillment of any conditions that need to be met
  • Reduced liability and costs thanks to signing authority verification
  • Careful attention to RESPA and thorough due diligence
  • Final review of title and closing paperwork prior to submission to resolve any outstanding issues

Residential Real Estate Title Services

For residential transactions, our team of skilled professionals provide comprehensive services to those seeking to purchase, sell or refinance homes, condos, vacation properties, apartments or residential farms. We have all the resources you need in one place. Our legal and title professionals provide:

  • Years of experience, so you are assured your documents and settlement are in good hands
  • The ability to work on complex contracts
  • Help with uncommon issues that arise; real estate agents can deal directly with our in-house attorneys rather than having to go to an outside law firm

Real estate transactions can prove challenging, so it is important to have a highly experienced title agency that can guide you through the process, address any issues and ensure a smooth and seamless settlement.

Underwriting services are provided by First American Title Insurance Company and CATIC, leading providers of title insurance.